WiFi Installation & Management

Wireless hotspot management system for business, communities & events. Take control of your customers/guests/public WiFi usage. Keep your existing broadband provider.

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  • Hospitality WiFi

    Manage usage, limit downloads, data collection for marketing, promote local attractions to entice guests to stay longer

  • Tourism WiFi

    Special offers, visitor information, social media check-ins and reviews

  • Retail WiFi

    Display special offers at login, data collection for marketing, keep your customers engaged

  • Event WiFi

    Data collection and event check-ins, social media integration, promotions of event sponsors

  • Community WiFi

    Offer free WiFi to locals and visitors, promote local business and events to all WiFi users

*All WiFi services can be customised. Contact us for more information.

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Package Add Ons

  • Social Media Login. Connect with your customers using Facebook
  • Bespoke Branded Login Page - Standard €150. Subject to your requirements.
  • Remove Advertisements. Wi-Fi Manager Installation without adverts for local businesses will require a quotation.

*All local business advertising will be provided by Netspark Wireless Limited. All advertisements will be tourism related or be relevant for installations in a tourism environment.

How It Works

1. Select the Wireless Network

2. Pop-up Login/Captive Portal Screen appears

4. Login page with Ts & Cs

3. Short display advertisement for a local business

5. Internet access granted and device receives a speed & time limit to use the Internet

About Us

Netspark Wireless Limited trading as Wi-Fi Manager was established in early 2016. It is owned and run by Darrel McManamon who trades as Netspark Solutions. Darrel is an IT professional providing technology solutions for local businesses and home IT users in Clare since 2014. Through this work he discovered the need for more advanced Wi-Fi solutions for tourism related businesses that provide free Wi-Fi access to their guests.

With the prevalence of smart-phones and tablets, free Wi-Fi is a necessity for visiting guests in their selected accommodation, at places of interest and places to eat and drink. Broadband speeds/bandwidth in the West of Ireland are relatively poor especially outside of the main towns and cities so accommodation providers in particular struggle to provide quality Wi-Fi to their paying guests. Even in the cases where broadband speeds are good, Wi-Fi networks struggle with the amount of connected devices and the amount of data they are downloading.

Our Mission

We provide a Wi-Fi Management solution to overcome the problems of too many devices downloading too much data over your Wi-Fi network. This solution provides an equal share of network resources and speed to each device that connects to your Wi-Fi network. In addition it provides you with the ability to gather customer information so that you can re-market your products/service via email or collect information that could in turn improve your service like reviews or customer surveys.


We provide display advertising of local businesses that are relevant to the user that will be accessing that network. This comes in the form of a short pop-up advertisement on the screen of the device connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

Advertisements are targeted towards their target market. Tourism ads will be served at tourism and accommodation providers. Local businesses, pubs, shops, trades and professions will be served on community Wi-Fi networks. Full Screen Adverts are displayed in a random order in full screen for a short period of up to 20 seconds. Banner ads display when full screen ads time-out/are closed.