WiFi Advertising in Kenmare - Promoting Local Business

WiFi Manager launched in Kenmare providing advertising opportunities for locals to promote their business to visiting tourists that are staying nearby.

WiFi Advertising Examples

We have just launched our WiFi management system at a number of holiday homes in the Kenmare area in South Kerry. Our systems provide WiFi login and management in hospitality and tourism locations which in turn show display advertising of local businesses to each guest WiFi user as they connect to WiFi. This is an ideal platform for tourism providers, bars, restaurants and local services like taxi's and tour guides to promote their services to people who are staying nearby and may be looking for things to do, places to eat and ways to get there.

Our WiFi Management System

Our WiFi management for tourism and hospitality businesses solves a problem by managing use of the internet by their guests, by providing a fair share of the available network services to every guest that uses the WiFi network. This also restricts overuse and prevents businesses from breaching data limits that may be set by their internet provider.

The Login & Advertising Procedure

As each guest connects to WiFi in locations with WiFi Manager installed, they get a pop-up login page where guests agree to the terms of using the free WiFi service. After clicking "Continue & Connect" each guest receives a full screen advert of a local business for a short period before the internet connection completes its process with a confirmation page including a banner advert for another local business. The adverts are similar in style to what you would find on a free app on a smartphone or tablet, the only difference is they are for local business and are targeted towards tourists that are staying in these locations.

Advertising Costs

Full screen adverts start at €40 for one month (1000 displays) and banner ads start at €10 for one month (1000 displays), working on the basis of an affordable and efficient way to promote your business. For more information on pricing visit our WiFi Advertising page.

First Venture in Kerry

This is our first opportunity to provide our services in Kerry. The business officially launched it's service in our home county of Clare in March of this year and now cover a large portion of the county, including a free public WiFi service in Lahinch, providing any visitor to the town with free WiFi access. This enables visitors to get connected, find out what's going on locally and where they can spend their time and money while they are there.

Darrel McManamon
Darrel McManamon


Darrel is an IT Professional based in Doolin, County Clare. He specializes in Internet Access and Wireless Network Management for Business and is the founder and CEO of Netspark Wireless Limited. He previously worked as an engineer in the construction industry. After it's collapse in 2009 he re-trained in IT, Wired & Wireless Networks, in Web Development and Internet Marketing. Darrel is also heavily involved in digital marketing for business in County Clare and is a member of #DigitalClare.